Legal Aid Family Dispute Resolution

If you or your former partner have a grant of Legal Aid, or there is an Independent Children’s Lawyer involved in your matter, you may be eligible to participate in a mediation funded by Legal Aid.

Family Dispute Resolution is often an efficient and productive way to reach an outcome in your matter without the stress and expense of going to Court.

At Family Dispute Resolution, a mediator will meet with you, your former partner and any legal representatives to try to help both parties reach a resolution of their dispute. The mediator is often an experienced legal practitioner who will listen to both parties’ perspectives, identify and focus on the important issues in dispute and propose pragmatic solutions.

If there are allegations of family violence or high conflict between the parties, you will not be required to be in the same room as your former partner. Instead, the mediator will move between the parties and communicate each party’s perspective and proposals.

Another benefit of Family Dispute Resolution is that anything you say at the mediation is private and confidential. Any offer you make to try to resolve the issues cannot be raised later in Court proceedings. This means you can still maintain your first preference if the other party does not agree to the compromise you suggest at mediation.

Family Dispute Resolution is not suitable for all matters. Where appropriate, however, it can be very successful in helping parties reach a negotiated outcome to their dispute.

For further information about applying to Legal Aid for Family Dispute Resolution, please contact us for an appointment on (02) 6225 7040 or email